AuDentes® is an Australian owned, Melbourne-based company that provides design and manufacturing services to surgeons and dentists in the supply of its world-leading instant and permanent AuDentes® Implant Bridges.

Dr Philip Tan – Specialist Prosthodontist & Innovator of AuDentes® Implant Bridge technique

With a global aging population, our team saw a gap in the provision of both an instant and permanent solution for those patients who are time-poor, dental phobic or those with exceptionally high expectations of their edentulous solution.

After years of seeing the positives, along with the limitations, of the more traditional All-Teeth-On-4 protocol Australian Prosthodontist Dr Philip Tan set about to develop a revised treatment path with both the patient and dentist in mind. Utilising his clinical and digital skills, specialised surgical team and purpose-built digital dental laboratory Dr Tan was able to provide his patient base with another option – faster recovery, fewer appointments and a final restoration fitted instantly at time of surgery.

AuDentes® turns the usual treatment sequence on its head – all devices being pre-manufactured prior to surgery date.

Utilising digital technology and the experience of our AuDentes® providers, we are able to provide surgery and instant placement on the same day under General Anaesthetic. The AuDentes® procedure takes between 2-4 hours, dependent on the case, with the patient waking from their anaesthetic with the definitive bridge in place. This protocol is well received by patients who are dentally phobic, who are not in a position to take a large amount of time away from their daily schedule or responsibilities or who find being without their teeth, even for a short period, unacceptable.

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Disclaimer: AuDentes® is suitable for experienced operators of the Straumann Guided Surgery system.