About AuDentes® Implant Bridge

Full implant retained bridges are not new to dentistry and have been successfully used to replace a complete arch of teeth for over twenty years.

Treatment protocols continue to adapt and change to patients needs and expectations. Patients increasingly want a highly aesthetic result as quickly as possible with little impact to their lifestyle, work or family commitments.

As their dentist you want a highly functional result. In the past it has been difficult to marry the expectations of both clinician and patient with traditional, and even partially digital, approaches to full arch cases.

AuDentes® Implant Bridge may be the clinical solution you have been searching for.

Let’s review the currently available options: 

Let’s review the comparative clinical workflows

As you review the information provided be aware that, in some cases, the sequence of treatment offered to patients may vary. This guide is intended to highlight the number of patient appointments and the treatment sequence usually utilised to provide an implant retained full arch bridge – using the various methods currently available.

How does AuDentes® achieve such significant reduction in appointments & sequencing?

AuDentes® turns the usual treatment sequence on its head – all devices being pre-manufactured prior to surgery date.

Utilising digital technology and the experience of our AuDentes® providers we are able to provide surgery and instant placement of final implant bridge on the same day under General Anaesthetic. The AuDentes® procedure takes between 2-4 hours, dependent on the case, with the patient waking from their anaesthetic with the definitive bridge in place. This protocol is well received by patients who are dentally phobic, who are not in a position to take a large amount of time away from their daily schedule or responsibilities or who find being without their teeth, even for a short period, unacceptable.

Unlike other edentulous protocols AuDentes® Implant Bridge is designed and fitted by a specialist led team of Oral Maxilla surgeon and restorative clinician in a hospital setting. However the role of the referring family dentist or general clinician should never be underestimated nor undervalued. We see that collaboration with referring dentists is essential to the delivery of positive clinical outcomes for patients. It is a role that requires support and protection. No one knows your patients as well as you do and after caring for them over many years, possibly decades, it is important that referring dentists remain involved in the ongoing care of their patients.

To support dentists in post-operative care for the AuDentes® patient we run CPD lectures and training workshops several times throughout the year in various Asia-Pacific locations.

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Disclaimer: AuDentes® is suitable for experienced operators of the Straumann Guided Surgery system.